Custom Artwork for Kevins Animal Store

posted 27 February 2024
Custom Artwork for Kevins Animal Store

In a landmark collaboration, Jeej brings his artistry to Kevins Animal Store with a custom piece. Kevin, currently among the Netherlands’ top artists, is renowned for his distinctive ‘Slow Flow’ style. This special creation, a 150×150 CM canvas featuring an iconic snail, symbolizes Kevin’s unique lyrical style and cements a deep-rooted connection between the two Rotterdam natives.

Personal Tribute Through Art
As this unique artwork takes center stage in the new Animal Store, located at Hoogstraat 65A, in Rotterdam, it symbolizes the power of collaboration and the shared language of creativity. The artwork is constructed from Jeej’s signature style, where raw graffiti techniques, a striking color palette and various overflows and textures will be recognizable elements for store visitors who are already somewhat familiar with his work. Chosen for its significance to Kevin’s persona, the snail represents his “slow flow” approach to music.

For Jeej, this project is a personal tribute to an artist whose music has been a constant companion in his own creative journey. This piece stands as a testament to the artistic dialogue of two Rotterdam based artists, inviting viewers to explore the intersections of art and music in a city rich with cultural heritage.

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