Murals at Wall Recordings

posted 30 March 2022
Murals at Wall Recordings

Wall Recordings is a progressive record label established by Nick van de Wall – better known as DJ/producer Afrojack. Since summer 2021, Jeej is signed as an artist with the label where he will be guided in his developments and growth on an international level. As a member of the record label, it was only a natural consequence that Jeej would perform his art within the company sooner rather than later. And so he has done through several murals at Wall Recordings.

The idea Jeej had behind the murals at Wall Recordings was to create multiple energetic walls with characters in the Nofacenocase style, whose purpose it is to forever haunt the thing that they want most in life. This is a translation of the mission of the company, where the artists work extremely hard every day to achieve their dreams. The hunting character in the painting mirrors the artist and the prey reflects the dream. He also combined it with one liners of hot records from Wall Recordings and artists who worked together.

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