Nhow Brussels Bloom – Art Hotel

posted 5 July 2022
Nhow Brussels Bloom – Art Hotel

For their latest hotel in Brussels, NH Hotel Group worked together with Jeej to create a vibrant and unforgettable experience. Here, art was to be central. Located in the city’s lively Botanique district, the hotel is surrounded by parks, concert halls and art galleries. And so it was important that creativity and inspiration all came together within the interior of nhow Brussels Bloom.

Jeej at work at nhow brussels bloom
graffiti cans at nhow brussels bloom.

Jeej’s style was highly sought after by NH Hotel Group. There were therefore no limits placed on his creative input. Inside nhow Brussels Bloom you will find several murals and painted objects by Jeej. Executed with a raw graffiti approach and a colorful palette to bring that vibrant experience to life. Creative agency Diezijner Studio was responsible for documenting the process. They created a captivating concept that incorporated part of the story behind graffiti as an art form. Check out the final video below. 

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