F-ck The Buff series

posted 8 February 2023
F-ck The Buff series

Jeej is proud to present the drop of a brand new series within its collection. For this new series, called F-ck The Buff, Jeej based the essence of his work on failed attempts of so-called “Buffers” to clean graffiti expressions. Something very common and familiar to everyone in the scene.

Writers will go to great lenghts to leave a striking creation on that great spot. But, like anything in life, nothing lasts forever. When graffiti is created on surfaces not really intended for it – an attempt is made to remove it as soon as possible. The so-called “Buffing” (another word for cleaning) of graffiti is often required to be done quickly. For this there is usually not enough time to remove complete pieces. Or the cleaning supplies are simply not powerful enough erase everything. The result: Half-cleaned or over-painted surfaces where just a small part of the creative adventure remains. This particular result can be recognized in his latest works within this series.

Such a short life cycle of a piece does not stop graffiti artists from continuing to create. In fact, they are willing to give up the time of existence of their creations for the expression of their creativity in the moment. With this series, Jeej pays tribute to this principle. For the graffiti scene, but also for life in general. We are all so focused on results, goals and leaving something behind. When it is actually about being present for the journey. All life events are getting “buffed” eventually, but a small part in the form of a memory always remains.

“It’s A Trap”
“Fa(i)lling Mission”
“Lucky Spots”

The first drop of paintings from this series are three exclusive 1/1 artworks. “It’s A Trap,” “Fa(i)lling Mission” and “Lucky Spots.” More specifications regarding the works will be coming online next week. If you are interested in the pieces, please feel free to contact us. It is also possible to make an appointment for an artwork viewing at Studio With Jeej.

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