Midnight Series

posted 13 June 2023
Midnight Series

Jeej’s new artwork series “Midnight” takes us on a journey into the nocturnal world of graffiti artists. The paintings within this series are a translation of nightly graffiti adventures, where artists defy visibility and create masterpieces in pitch darkness. The intention is for the viewer to take a look through the eyes of the artist as he creates in the dark. Resulting in canvases that feature an interplay of various hues of black, revealing a captivating landscape of hidden forms.

“Shadowed Genius” – 1/1 Artwork

Each encounter with these monochromatic paintings offers a unique experience, as different sources of light unveil distinct facets of the artwork. The paintings showcase a balance between raw and playful, Jeej’s signature statement which is reflected in all of his art. His ability to capture the essence of night reveals a story that is as compelling as it is mysterious.

Within the first drop of this series, three new works have been released. Two unique 1/1 copies and a new edition with an edition of five. See more specifications and availability under: Artworks.

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