Smile In Disguise Series

posted 27 June 2023
Smile In Disguise Series

At first glance, Jeej’s smiley faces exude an air of joviality and simplicity, reminiscent of the universally recognized happy face we all know. However, the viewer may become aware of contrasting elements because of the raw and unpolished way of how the smiley is depicted. The smiley face, with its cheerful facade, serves as a metaphor for the hidden aspects of ourselves that we often mask or disguise. This stems from the fact that Jeej kept his graffiti skills and adventures hidden from many in his circle for a very long time. Jeej’s “Smile in Disguise” series encourages viewers to confront these hidden layers and embrace the unpolished, raw aspects of their existence. As he has done so himself.

“Gold Smile” – 1/1
“Pink Smile” – 1/1

It’s interesting what happens when you change a typical recognizable piece, which can give the smiley instantly a different feel with a different meaning. In the realm of graffiti culture, artists often adopt aliases and/or figures to establish their unique identity. Jeej’s disturbed smiley face has become his recognizable trademark, an emblem that signifies his artistic presence.

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