All artworks are hand-painted from start to finish and created by mixed-media. Used among, but not limited to, markers, aerosols, spray cans, paint rollers and brushes. Mainly consisting of spray paint and acrylic paint. For his works on canvas, Jeej exclusively uses linen canvases. This is the most durable material which reduces the chance of decay. When an artwork is framed with glass, it will be anti-reflective and UV protecting museum glass at all times. Every piece comes including the frame.

Jeej does not work on commission. However, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions or other enquiries. It is possible to make an appointment and visit Studio With Jeej in Rotterdam. Regarding international requests, we ship worldwide and calculate the transport and insurance costs based on your place of residence.


When creating a series, various artworks within this series get a limited number of runs. This means that a specific artwork with that exact size, image, colors cheme and composition is created a limited amount of times. But still, every single piece is unique and hand-painted. So the first edition is never completely the same as the second and so on. When the last number of the limited amount within the series is created, it will no longer be available and Jeej will not paint this again. Editions within a series are accessible to a wider audience. Through this approach it is possible for multiple admirers to own a unique, hand-painted artwork by Jeej. 

The limited number of runs varies per work of art. The lower the amount of runs, the more exclusive the artwork. Please note that since everything is hand-painted, the actual artwork may vary slightly from the images on the website.

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1/1 Artworks 

Single artworks are only created once by Jeej and are therefore most exclusive. This means that these artworks with that exact size, image, color scheme and composition are always numbered 1/1. Therefore, it is not possible for someone else to hold the same (read: similar) painting. Within these paintings, extra attention is paid to the combination of different techniques. The 1/1 artworks are the centerpieces of his collection and are therefore of high value. 

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Certificate of Authenticity

When buying an artwork, this will be numbered, signed and always comes with a certificate of authenticity. You can always contact us about the availability of a painting or check all specifics on the website under artworks.