1. What mediums does Jeej work with?
    All Jeej’s paintings are hand-painted from start to finish and created by mixed-media. Mainly consisting of spray paint and acrylic paint. Used among, but not limited to, markers, aerosols, spray cans, paint rollers and brushes.

  2. What prices should I think of when it comes to a work of art?
    Original Sketches, Collectibles and Prints (30 x 40 CM to 70 x 90 CM) – €699 – €1.500
    Hand painted Medium Paintings (80 x 100 CM to 100 x 120 CM) – €4.250 – €9.999
    Hand-painted Large Paintings (100 x 140 CM and above, solely 1/1 works) – Starting from €11.999
    Sculptures (70 to 200 CM) – €8.500 – €17.500

    Exact prices are depending on size, number of runs and series. For purchase inquiries, please reach out to us.

  3. Can I purchase an artwork directly from the website?
    The Artworks-category includes all hand-made edition paintings and 1/1 artworks. These works cannot be purchased directly through the website, for this more information such as prices and delivery time can be requested through the Request Info button. Within the Shop-category, collectables, Jeej Originals, merchandise and/or other items can be purchased directly.

  4. Do you offer international shipping for your artwork?
    Yes, we ship worldwide and calculate the transport and insurance costs based on your place of residence. Read more about our Shipping and Delivery Policy.

  5. Are commissions accepted?
    Jeej does not work on commission. However, you are always welcome to contact us with any questions or other enquiries. 

  6. Can I visit the studio or workspace?
    Absolutely. Our studio is open by appointment. It is located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

  7. Are prints or reproductions of any artworks available for purchase?
    Prints or other reproductions are not typically offered by Jeej. But, occasionally these do become available. Always in low, closed editions. These will then appear in the Shop-category. Would you like to stay informed about this? Sign up for our newsletter or keep an eye on his social channels.

  8. How can I stay updated on latest works and exhibitions?
    For this, you can best sign up for our newsletter and follow Jeej on Instagram. You can also keep a regular eye on the site, where all new works and various news and updates will be posted.

  9. What is the story behind the creations, and how does it contribute to society?
    Jeej’s art is a personal translation of his high-contrast childhood, in which, as a ultimate sweet child, he developed his creativity in rebellious graffiti culture. The combination of raw and playful elements offers invitation to a new outlook on two experiences that at first glance contradict each other. This combination gives both elements a different meaning. The playful aspect is symbolized by faceless, iconic characters. This refers to the underlying principle of graffiti: Everyone knows your name, but no one has a face with it.

    The lack of authentic graffiti-based artworks in the art scene, was his incentive to start creating. His vision is connecting real graffiti to the contemporary art segment. And not just graffiti expressions, but especially a piece of the culture. Which is often misunderstood and used by artists or companies that have absolutely no knowledge or background on this. Within each concept, Jeej always incorporates a part of graffiti culture. In the end, he hopes to open doors for real writes in the art world and eventually aims to get graffiti the validation it deserves. Read his full story.

  10. How do you handle the authenticity and provenance of the artworks?
    All artworks are numbered and signed by hand and will always come with a certificate of authenticity. 

  11. How can I get in touch for media or press inquiries?
    To do this, please email mandy@withjeej.com