Jeej’s Pop-up Atelier at the top of De Zalmhaven

posted 20 March 2024
Jeej’s Pop-up Atelier at the top of De Zalmhaven

Between March 11 and 16, Jeej took over the top 57th and 58th floors of De Zalmhaven, currently the highest point in the Benelux, to quietly work on a series of large-scale artworks. This temporary studio, destined to become the tallest bar and restaurant concept in the Benelux, provided Jeej with an unparalleled canvas, resulting in his most ambitious projects to date. This session is an essential preparation for his solo exhibition in Rotterdam in mid-November.

A Considered Choice
De Zalmhaven, a deliberate choice, with its raw concrete surroundings and breathtaking views over Rotterdam, was the perfect location for Jeej to fully focus on his art. The pop-up atelier was not accessible to the public during his creative process but was solely for Jeej to isolate himself and create. The panoramic view from this height, with the changing colors at sunset, inspired Jeej’s vibrant color palette for his work, along with the cohesive choice of his signature faceless characters that one would expect to encounter at such heights. During the creation process, Netherlands’ leading newspaper, the AD, stopped by for an in-depth interview with Jeej to write a piece on this unique event.

Concept to Canvas
At this height, Jeej found a new source of inspiration that brought about a mix of freedom and humility and changed his perspective on size and impact. At this unprecedented height, Jeej experienced a complex mix of freedom and a renewed sense of humility. What was previously considered large now felt humble. Life sometimes takes our breath away – it’s everything and nothing at the same time. We are just a tiny part of the whole, yet big enough to make a difference. He translated this experience and realization onto the various canvases.

Exclusive Preview Night
The week concluded with an exclusive preview evening, where Jeej invited a select group of long-time supporters and prominent art collectors to experience the atelier, the artworks (both completed and in-progress), and the view. This evening, surrounded by unfinished artworks, splashes of paint, and the sparkling city lights, marked an unforgettable end to an extraordinary creative week.

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